Who we are

Founded in 2019, Lydia Diamonds is located in Goa, India. With less than 5 years of establishment, we have 5 designing units and 3 manufacturing units and we are growing. We are passionate about providing highest standards of customer service, extravagent Bespoke Experience, delivering exceptional quality of craftsmanship and most importantly the rarest quality of diamonds which are responsibly and ethically sourced.

Backed by strong promoter team, professional management and a reputed board, the company has followed meticulously designed business plan, believed in speedy execution with careful optimism over the years.

Master craftsmen who have inherited the centuries –antique design legacy of Diamond jewellery making, brilliantly cut diamonds, delicate designs. These are just some of the facets that go into making LYDIA - the Diamond jewellery destination that's impossible to hide.


Like the fine jewels we create, our designers are multifaceted. Hidden intricacies differentiate both our work. Often, we are works transcend fine jewellery. Born, raised and educated was captivated early on by the abundant history, culture and tradition around they are. Brimming with original ideas and determined to develop his own collections and provide personal service, we designed and opened our atelier.


Creating innovative works that bring people joy fuels Lydia jewel manufacturing process. With a keen eye for detail, we are designing each jewel to capture the imagination; to entice the wearer to be intimately involved with the varying looks and combinations that the jewellery offers.

Custom design is another way that he indulges the pleasure people experience by participating in the design of their jewellery. we enjoy working together with clients to bring their “dream” pieces to life.

Our inventive fine jewellery collections offer something for everyone – they are favoured most by those who embrace individual style and enjoy wearing fine quality jewels that are made to live, celebrate, work and play in.


Situated in a picturesque spot on the historic Oltrarno, where Lydia artisans have made and sold their gold wares for over years, it is the home of our workshop where all ideas are conceived and studied, and creations are designed and made by hand. As well, Lydia is where we welcome people from around the world to see and experience our collections.


Clever, sensual, playfully engaging design and intricate handcraftsmanship are hallmarks of Lydia creations. Ours passion for innovative attention to movement and light informs our work. The results are a chic intermingling of contemporary and classic design combined with a penchant for form, style, comfort and versatility.

We revel in finding ways to amuse and relate through our work and is easily occupied with solving the unsolved and charting new territory. When not at his bench, we actively seek out places, cultures, flavours, sounds and landscapes that then influence our latest designs.


Creating a bespoke piece of work is a wonderful honour and a particular joy for Lydia Export. Being able to express your character or deliver a special message via a precious and unique treasure, that will last for generations, is a memorable pleasure.

We will take you on a creative journey and then deliver a unique piece of art for you, your family, friend or associate to enjoy. Whether a small item or something larger, Lydia Designers will personally design it and then skilfully create it.

The journey begins with you contacting our Concierge Service, who will put you in touch with Lydia jewel makers to discuss your initial brief. Lydia also happy to accept work with a possible stone you may already own or add a special inscription to any of our works.

Once the initial direction has been established with Lydia, we will then start crafting your personal piece of art. We will keep you regularly updated about its progress.

The creative process and unique relationship that Lydia Export develops with every one of his works is integral to the work itself. Once you have experienced being part of this special.

experience, we believe you will truly understand the significance and enjoyment of working directly with an artist to create a personal and unique work of art.

One of the industry’s prominent Diamond Exporters with presence and alliances across the globe particularly in UK and Africa. We deal in the business of wholesale certified and providing profitable deals to our valuable clients.


We would like to assist you in any way we can.We will work with you to satisfy your specific requirements. We are happy to discuss and organise any particular requests you may have with regards to a bespoke commission and wedding rings, personalising a piece of work, a purchase, the fitting of a piece of work, a bespoke packaging, domestic and international transportation, or any other question. justin reeceartworks have a unique and bespoke quality and he is always delighted to entertain you in his gallery and workshop in Florence to discuss his work.

However, we understand that is not always possible and we therefore welcome any suggestions for you to meet Cristiano Pierazzuoli at an alternative destination or have a virtual meeting with him. We ship worldwide and, in some cases,, depending on the artwork, Cristiano Pierazzuoli is delighted to deliver it personally on request. He enjoys the interaction with his clients and the satisfaction of handing over the guardianship of a work. He is also willing to conduct the final fitting for necessary artworks. It is important to us that the service we offer is as enjoyable as owning a piece of Cristiano Pierazzuoli, so please contact us.

Our Values

At Lydia Jewellery, creativity, innovation and impeccable craftsmanship are at the core of everything we do. We guiding vision continually defines and redefines what it means to be the preeminent luxury Diamond brand.

We are committed to responsible business and social practices and to the protection and advancement of human rights. We believe in partnering with others who share these values and understand their importance.

Diamond Watches

The new Lydia Diamond watch breaks the rules and imposes a striking elegance, made of contemporary lines and masterly engravings. The inspiration is based on the concept of the LYDIA symbol, thus rightfully becoming part of the wider “Watch” collections by Lydia, where the logo element is both star and director.

The movement is Swiss Quartz. The latest Lydia Diamond style is made for perfect wearability and unquestionable refinement. This makes time evolve in places and events, in shapes, movements and colours. It is the certainty that there are beautiful timepieces which are indifferent to the unavoidable action of time itself. This is one of the greatest gifts of goldsmithing art: the sensation that not everything is lost, and that some things remain perfect and inviolable in time.